Princethorpe Manor

Princethorpe Manor was a run-down/ neglected but listed Manor House where HB Architects worked closely with Building Historians to uncover evidence of a demolished solar wing and further signs of removal of building elements over the years.

It was agreed that a substantial extension would reinstate the stature of the building and these extensions, including the reinstated Solar Wing and new East Wing were designed to complement the eclectic composition and rejuvenate the listed Manor House.

Although the external design and materials are very traditional in scale and character the interior makes use of structural glass doorways, balustrading and stairways in a contemporary interventionist approach.

Following the successful completion of the conversion and extensions, HB Architects have designed an oak framed garage and studio to compliment the remodelling of the entrance driveway together with a contemporary pool enclosure located within a walled garden.

This design and approval represents a significant planning decision where an original and innovative solution have been woven into the historic framework of the listed Manor.

RIBA Wrk Stages 0-5 | £1 Million